Initial survey. Recommendations preparation Our engineers are ready to visit your site to conduct technical survey in order to study initial technical conditions at the site and to clarify customer’s requirements. Upon completion of the survey we issue the report where are stated our technical recommendations and suggestions regarding further cooperation.


Research & Development At this stage we develop an overall project’s concept, assess resources needed for its implementation, providing full compliance of the automated control system (ACS) being developed to customer’s requirements. During the project documentation preparation we combine all the technical data and prepare the documents intended for installation and commissioning works for the ACS being designed and its further performance.


Delivery Direct contracts with leading automation equipment manufacturers provide reliable supply chain of any automation equipment, spare parts and accessories in accordance with specifications prepared by our experts, or in accordance with individual customer request.


Installation Our company has special crew executing construction and assembly works, including all automation and instrumentation equipment installation, power and communication cabling, including fiber lines, as well as the preparation of the installed equipment for its further commissioning.


Commissioning Commissioning is а complete verification of installed equipment functioning in full compliance with the project requirements. This stage includes instrumentation and equipment setting, system and application software installation and testing, and, finally, fine adjustment of a whole ACS.

Pilot operation

Pilot operation Pilot operation is performed to verify system parameters compliance to the specified technical characteristics. According to the results of pilot operation additional hardware and software adjusting, as well as appropriate documentation amendments are effected, if needed.


Guarantee When ACS is put into operation we offer warranty service. Certain terms and conditions of the guarantee, as a rule, are given in the contract for implementation of the system.



Service We offer ACS service and maintenance meeting the highest standards and requirements of our customers. Maintenance is carried out in strict accordance with the schedule approved by the customer. Sufficient quantity of our staff,its background and skill ensure reliable 24/7 performance of our customers’ equipment.

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